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Investor Friendly Environment – JIC

Investor Friendly Environment

Protective Reforms and Policies

The Jordanian government has focused on reforms and investment policy aimed at:

  • Liberalization of trade, investment procedures, and elimination of trade barriers.
  • Encouragement of foreign investment.
  • Encouragement of private sector investment.
  • Privatization of previously-owned governmental projects.
  • Implementation of stronger trademark and copyright laws.
  • Reduction of import tariffs.
  • Equal treatment to both Jordanian and non-Jordanian investors, non-Jordanian investors have the right to own any project in full or part, and engage in any economic activity in the Kingdom, with the exception of some trade and contracting services which require a Jordanian partner.

oreign Investment

Foreign investments enjoy incentives and benefits offered by the Investment Law, including exemption from custom duties, general sales tax and in some cases reduction on income tax:

  • No restrictions on foreign ownership except in a limited number of economic activities where a Jordanian partner is required.
  • Investments in Development Zones and Free Zones can be wholly owned by foreign investors.
  • Foreign investors enjoy privileges and guarantees, including national treatment, free movement of capital, protection against    expropriation and options to resort to alternative dispute settlement mechanisms.
  • Foreign Investments enjoy facilitated registration and licensing services provided by the Investment Window, in addition to support in obtaining visas and residency permits for investors, their families and employees as well as other services
  • No restrictions on capital transfers and repatriation of profit.
  • 117 nationalities in industrial and service sectors own companies in Jordan.

According to the investment law of 2014, Non-Jordanian investors may:

  • Remit all or some of the foreign capital in convertible currency under the legislation in force.
  • Transfer revenues and profits of his investment to the outside of the Kingdom.
  • Liquidate his investment or sell or dispose of his economic activity or his share or stocks in such activity, provided he should fulfill his obligations to any third parties or the Official Bodies in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Manage his economic activity in the manner he deems appropriate and through the persons he chooses, and the concerned bodies should provide the facilities necessary for this purpose.
  • The non-Jordanian Investor shall be awarded the same treatment as the Jordanian Investor.
  • The non-Jordanian workers working in any economic activity may transfer their salaries and compensations to the outside of the Kingdom pursuant to the legislation in force.

Streamlined Procedures and Investor Friendly Policies

JIC’s Investment Window aims to provide a single place service to license the economic activities in the Kingdom and review and simplify the licensing procedures.

Authorized Representatives from 16 public entities have the power to issue the license and take necessary actions in that regard. Through this service window, an investor can register and license his/her project in Jordan and acquire both investor residency and facilitation of work permits for required labor. – source.



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